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Photo Gallery of Harnesses, Armbands and Cockstraps

      Below is a gallery of the Blue, White and Black Harnesses, Armbands and Cockstraps.  It gives you a sample of the various looks you can create with your harnesses. You can click on each photo to enlarge them and see the details of the products. 

Blue Full Harness (Connects to cockstrap)

Blue Half Harness

Harness Close Up

Back of Harness

Full Shot Close Up

Blue ArmBand

White Denim

Denim Harnesses are washable.

Harnesses can be worn in the shower.

White ArmBand

Black Denim

Don't worry about being caught in the rain in denim.

Black ArmBand

Close Up of Back of harness.

ArmBands have double snaps at both ends.

Soft comfortable CockStraps snapped together.

Full Harness with attached CockStrap.

Thank you for checking out the gallery!